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why should you join upecc?

The priority here is YOU

UPECC was established from a growing feeling of discontent within the UK aviation industry. Industrial relations requires a radical change and an entirely new approach. For a union to be truly effective it must be truly democratic & member led.

As a forwards thinking collective we are ready to embrace and promote change and will not be bound by the old way of doing things. Many unions today work through a single member of staff without engaging the majority of members. Small advances can be won this way, but the concessions can divide.

No longer can we pay our memberships fees to then have our rights, issues & perspectives overlooked. We have specifically enlisted our in-house barrister to guide members where required, and represent if necessary. A unique selling point for UPECC is also our ability to provide initial legal advice an an issue if a member requires it.

A union is only as strong as its membership and the power of a mobilised workforce sends a clear message. Every UPECC member should take ownership of their rights & responsibilities. 

By becoming a UPECC member you add an employee voice that is crucial in pursuing fairness and equality in the industry.

what does this mean?

Members across the industry will support each other actively in gaining support for campaigns, fair pay and workplace conditions.


By engaging with all members from the industry who are uniquely different, but equally valued, we will strive to make positive change and progress whilst protecting and advocating for our members.


Be part of the world’s first industry-wide community supporting your piers and colleagues, strengthening UPECC as we grow.


Expert knowledge & professional advice with over a decade working in aviation industrial relations.


Personal representation and support in dealing with contract disputes and other work related matters.


Our in house barrister can supply legal advice on work related matters.

Professional Attending a Seminar
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