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  • What is UPECC?
    UPECC - the Union of Pilots, Engineers and Cabin Crew, is a world first, combining the strengths of all three licensed aviation trades. Simply put, we are a registered trade union which represents members across many UK based airlines. Our directorate and representatives have extensive background experience in trade union representation within the airline industry. For just one example, our General Secretary was previously the Chair of Industrial Relations and National Executive Member at the UK’s biggest pilot union. We can understand and empathise with the unique challenges faced by every trade, and drive our strategy to ensure we meet all of these challenges. With UPECC, all members are Uniquely different and equally valued.
  • How is UPECC different?
    UPECC represents colleagues from across the licensed aviation trades. It is a new, fresh union, unhindered by the happenings of the past. We are an experienced group, with a view that things can be better; it’s no more than what all members of the aviation community deserve. Furthermore, we take the view that a trade union should be of its members, for its members. UPECC is an industry-wide community which supports peers and colleagues, and only strengthens as it grows. We are not a union which dictates to members, or acts ‘under the table’, out of view and audit of members. We act as a group, for our group, openly and together.
  • Can I be a member of more than one union?
    Yes. By way of example some UPECC members already belong to other unions such as GMB, Prospect, IPA and BALPA.
  • Is UPECC currently a certificated Trade Union?
    YES. UPECC was certified as a Trade Union under the statutory definition held within the Trade Union labour Relations Act in October 2023.
  • What legal cover to you provide?
    We have direct access to our in-house barrister. This means we can provide you with legal advice in a timely manner. An initial consultation with our in-house barrister is available should any member need it. We also have partnered with Morrish Solicitors whom work with many Trade Union's across the UK. They offer an initial 30 minute consultation to every UPECC member who needs it to ascertain next steps if necessary.
  • Can UPECC represent me?
    Yes! UPECC is a Nationally Certified Trade Union, with all the legal protections of any other trade union. UPECC representatives are able to: Accompany members to disciplinary and grievance meetings; Discuss members’ concerns with employers; Help members with legal and financial problems; Provide advice and guidance to members.
  • How much does UPECC membership cost?
    There are a few membership options; a flat rate of £18/month for employed members, or an annual fee of £200. We also offer Trainee Membership of £50 per year. For further benefits of each are listed on our Join Us page.
  • Will you represent me in an employment tribunal?
    We port all legal enquiries to our partnered team at Morrish to manage issues relating to employment tribunals.
  • My airline’s T&Cs have been agreed by another union. What can UPECC do?
    UPECC are able to represent you in just the same way as any other trade union. UPECC representatives will work on your behalf to challenge your employer over any misapplication of agreed T&Cs; it does not have to be the same union which agrees the T&Cs. However, until there is a significant proportion of colleagues who join UPECC, we will not have the necessary proportion of staff to push for what is termed “recognition” with the employer. Once recognised, UPECC is able to collectively bargain for improved terms & conditions and pay. In short, until critical mass is reached in each employer, UPECC can do everything other unions are able to do except collective bargaining. However, we believe in change, and feel that our transparent, member-first approach will drive new membership and therefore set a short path to recognition.
  • What are my legal rights concerning joining a Union?
    In the UK, trade union membership is a legal right. You are protected in law from any negative treatment based on your trade union membership. An employer may not ask if you are part of a trade union (it is a protected characteristic) and nor may they treat you any differently due to trade union membership.
  • Am I disadvantaged by joining a Union which isn’t “company led”?
    We believe not. Short of collective bargaining at some airlines, UPECC is able to do everything that other unions can do. The ability to collectively bargain will happen - but as we are a new, dynamic and growing union, we are not there yet. Additionally, we are a union which is not under the thumb of an employer, cosy with an employer, or working on behalf of an employer. We are new, fresh, unencumbered by the divisive, corrosive norms of the past, and this is our advantage. Everyone is uniquely different but equally valued.
  • Why should I join UPECC?
    By being part of the UK’s unique aviation union, you will be represented by experienced, knowledgeable, dynamic representatives. UPECC will provide you, the member, with: Personal representation and support dealing with contract disputes and other work related matters In-house barrister to supply legal advice on work related matters Expert knowledge and professional advice with significant experience working in aviation industrial relations You would be part of the world’s first industry-wide community, supporting your peers and colleagues, strengthening UPECC as we grow.
  • Will I have a UPECC Union Representative?
    Yes! UPECC will work for you, and we will ensure you are properly represented in any grievance, disciplinary, or other issue you have with your employer. UPECC is a registered Trade Union and is able to fulfil all duties of a trade union. Each airline group will see bespoke services being brought online as numbers in those groups individually increase.
  • How do I contact UPECC for support at work?
    Of course - please email and one of the team will get back to you. If you are already a member please follow the guidance in all previous email communications.
  • Does UPECC provide legal support?
    Yes - there is a barrister on the staff. Other unions advertise provision of a certain monetary amount of legal cover should members require it. We do not, purely because we don’t put a monetary value on what we will provide. In house legal expertise exists within UPECC, that expertise is available to our members. In the event further action is required, we will guide you to our legal partners Morrish, where you will be confidentially advised. Each case is different and therefore appropriate dynamic option generation will result in differing outcomes for each member. We continue to evolve our legal offering continuously as we continue to grow.


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